• 10th Salon of Pioneers 7/9/2014

    On September 3rd 2014 a high level group of CEOs and policy makers listened to a vivid conversation between Mag. Christian Kern, CEO of the Austrian Railways, ÖBB and Dr. Harald Katzmair.

    The participants experienced an entertaining and informative evening on what pioneers make differently.

    Xerox and FASresearch started with this event series on the importance of pioneer-thinking and pioneer-values for our future in 2011.

    10th Salon of Pioneers – Mag. Christian Kern, CEO of the Austrian Railways, ÖBB

    9th  Salon of Pioneers – Dr. Josef Pröll, former Austrian Federal Minister of Finance, now CEO of Leipnik-Lundenburger Invest Beteiligungs AG

    8th  Salon of Pioneers – Mag. Marie Ringler (Ashoka) and Dr. Peter Bosek (Erste Bank)

    7th  Salon of Pioneers – MMag. Peter J. Oswald, CEO Mondi

    6th  Salon of Pioneers – Gabriele Heinisch-Hosek, Austrian Federal Minister for Women and Civil Service within the Austrian Federal Chancellery

    5th  Salon of Pioneers – Dr. Franz Fischler, President of the European Forum Alpbach

    4th  Salon of Pioneers – Dr. Gabriele Payr, General Director of Wiener Stadtwerke

    3rd  Salon of Pioneers – Mag. Georg Kraft-Kinz, Vice Director of Raiffeisenlandesbank NÖ-Wien AG

    2nd Salon of Pioneers – Wolfgang Katzian, Chairman of the Union of Private Sector Employees, member of the Austrian Parliament

    1st  Salon of Pioneers – Mag. Georg Kapsch, CEO Kapsch AG, President of the Federation of Austrian Industries

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