• Changing old paradigmatic approaches 17/6/2009

    New impulses for changing old paradigmatic approaches
    Seminar on occasion of the Round Table meeting of The New Club of Paris on June 18th, 2009:


    Location: Österreichisches Parlament, Nationalrat, Wien/Austrian Parliament, Vienna, Dr. Karl Renner Ring 1-3
    Raum/Meeting-Room: Lokal VI (Budgetsaal)
    Lunch/Buffet: Empfangssalon


    G. Koch
    S. Thurner
    J. Casti
    F. Reither
    H. Katzmair
    M. Hudec

    addressed of the 1st President of the Austrian Parliament, Mag.a Barbara Prammer, on Austria’s Knowledge Politics.

    The event is part of the Conference Agenda Knowledge

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