• Circuits of Profit 23/2/2011

    FASresearch helped to organize this international conference on Business Network Research in Budapest. Harald Katzmair is chair of the panel “Pharma & Marketing”. As an invited speaker he is going to give a talk on the business applications of network science in the Pharma sector and marketing.
    Harald is member of a roundtable discussion at the end of the conference with all the invited speakers (Hamid Benbrahim, Alberto Calero, Harald Katzmair, Valdis Krebs) who will sum up the sessions and will discuss about the future of network research in business.

    Circuits of Profit: Business Network Research Conference 2011 – Budapest

    Time: June, 6th 2011
    Location: Central European University, H-1051 Budapest, Hungary, Nador u. 9

    The aim of this international conference is to bring together applied network researchers and practitioners (marketing, HR, business consultants, management, sales, PR, training & development, etc.) to discuss experiences in applying network science to problems in the financial, telecom and pharmaceutical sectors as well as areas including organizational development, political lobbying, and social media.

    Recently there have been many studies on the different business applications of social network analysis. However, due to the lack of relevant information companies still have misconceptions about the power of network analysis and only a few of them have realized the business opportunities behind it.


    Keynote by Harald Katzmair:

    Evidence Based Mapping in Pharma.
    Network Strategy Consulting in KOL Management, Marketing, Regulatory & Market Access.

    Starting back in the late 1950ies with Coleman’s classical study on the diffusion of a new antibiotic drug funded by Pfizer there is along history of network thinking in pharma and health care industry. Identifying opinion leaders among physicians and building relationships with key people (“KOL” – Key Opinion Leader) to accelerate diffusion and increase acceptance of a drug are key tasks for successful product management. SNA has proven to be a highly effective tool to pinpoint key people and key relationships. The first part of the talk will start to outline examples of successful application of SNA models in KOL management, pharma marketing and market access over the last 15 years at FASresearch, a social network consultancy located in Vienna and New York. The second part is dealing with the more fundamental theoretical question about the value of the concept of the “opinion leader” in pharma marketing and marketing in general. The talk is suggesting a much more differentiated picture about the cause and dynamic of influence. The limits of a centrality measure focused standard application of SNA are shown. As an alternative to a node centric understanding of SNA the conceptual framework of Evidence Based Mapping®, developed at FASresearch over the last 5 years, will be presented.

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