• Digital vs. Analog? 28/2/2011

    Harald Katzmair discusses with Nokia Austria Country Manager Mag. Giesswein strength and weaknesses of on- and offline networking in the context of business.
    In the framework of e-Day organized by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce a panel discussion on “Networks of the Future – Digital vs. Analog?” takes place on March 3rd in Vienna.

    Trendforum der Jungen Wirtschaft
    Netzwerke für die Zukunft – analog vs. digital?

    03.03.2011 17:30 – 19:00
    Wiedner Hauptstraße 63, 1045 Wien

    Markus Roth, Bundesvorsitzender der Jungen Wirtschaft, Unternehmer
    Dr. Harald Katzmair, Netzwerkprofi und wissenschaftlicher Leiter von FASresearch
    Mag. Martin-Hannes Giesswein, Nokia Austria Country Manager


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