• European Diversity & Inclusion Congress 6/3/2012

    Harald Katzmair talked at EDIC Lab 1 on “Diversity as Strategy to Hedge the Risks of Uncertainty”

    Complex systems such as human beings, organizations, cities, nations, belief systems and cultures are cycling through an ongoing process of growth, maturation, disintegration and reorganization. Each stage has a different profile and different characteristics in terms of internal and external network complexity, diversity of codes, development potential and returns on investments.
    Harald Katzmair invited attendees to reflect on the current series of crises and challenges being faced by western societies as typical for mature systems close to disintegration while addressing the urgent need for new rules and strategies, more ambiguity, more diversity, more opening up new opportunities in the society. Attendees learned more about how social networks are driving diversity as a strategy to hedge the risks of uncertainty.

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