• FAS Wins Grant from Packard Foundation 13/9/2008

    FASresearch, working with partner Monitor Institute, recently won a grant from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation to research stakeholder networks in the food and farming industries, particularly those engaged in developing agricultural policy in the U.S.

    The purpose of the research is to help Packard to better understand the industry and develop a funding strategy which can help improve the performance of the agriculture industry in a number of dimensions. We couldn’t be more excited to take on this project as philanthropy is a focus area of our U.S. practice and the Packard Foundation is one of the largest and most innovative foundations in the U.S.

    FAS has partnered with Monitor Institute in the research phase of the project. FAS will be using ImpactNet combined with a network analysis of stakeholders in agricultural policy making in the U.S. to help the Packard Foundation develop their funding strategy. We believe this to be a pioneering use of social network analysis, one of FAS’ core disciplines that we’ve been we’ve been importing from academe into philanthropy and other fields for 10 years. Let us know in the comments below if you know of a similar case.

    We’re priviledged to be working with Monitor practitioners Diana Scearce and Heather MacLeod Grant, author of the recently released “Forces for Good: Six Practices of High-Impact Nonprofits” on the project. Monitor is the lead consultant in Packard’s Philanthropy and Networks Exploration project and chose to partner with FAS in the final phases this project based on our experience in analyzing networks and developing network strategies in a wide variety of contexts.

    On a side note, Heather’s book is currently the number one book in the nonprofit category on Congratulations Heather!

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