• Lobbyists in Brussels – The Social Network 21/10/2015

    FASresearch analyzed who is exerting and receiving the strongest lobbying pressure in the European Commission. The network is based on the meeting data published by commissioners & cabinet members (in blue) and on institutions (in red) in the EU’s transparency register. It shows both which commissioners and institution is meeting most often, but also exposes the network between institutions that participate in meetings together.

    The focus of the network is on multiple meetings between two actors as this indicates a stronger lobbying pressure than one-off meetings. The size of nodes shows persons who participated in the most lobbying meetings, for institutions this is also weighted with their annual lobbying budget. The textboxes at the top allow searching for individual persons or institutions or filter the network to highlight nodes that took part in meetings about specific topics (e.g. TTIP, Climate, Copyright, etc.)

    Explore the Lobbying Network here:

    The data analysis & network visualization was done by FASresearch, based in Vienna and Brussels, find out more on

    For further information the Magazine POLITICO provides an article on the topic:

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