• Multi-Stakeholder Discussion on Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship. 19/6/2014

    Harald Katzmair takes part in a high level discussion on how to foster social innovation and social entrepreneurship and how the Social Business Initiative of the European Commission supports existing efforts.

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    The discussion shall help to answer certain questions: e.g.
    - how to establish a successful start-up and innovation culture in Austria.
    - which funding instruments shall be established.
    - which legal and political regulatory framework is necessary to foster the development of the emerging sector.

    The Stakeholder discussion with the Austrian Federal Minister of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection Rudolf Hundstorfer, the Austrian Federal Minister of The Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management Andrä Rupprechter, Member of the European Parliament Heinz K. Becker and many more takes place in Vienna at the Palais Eschenbach (1010 Wien, Eschenbachgasse 1) on Tuesday, June 24th 2014.

    The program:

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