• The Schecter Foundation Hires FAS to Help Brand a New Online Magazine for Gen Y 13/12/2008

    The Schecter Family Foundation has hired FASresearch to perform a semantic network analysis to help them frame the idea of the commons and sharing as powerful personal, environmental and social solutions. This analysis is part of the audience research for an online magazine and network for Gen Y of the same theme that the foundation is funding.

    In order to perform the analysis, FAS is downloading tag data from the social bookmarking site, is an ideal source of data for the analysis because it’s a real-time poll involving millions of users that can reflect the network of word associations in the public mind around a topic or series of topics when analyzed using special techniques. All together, FAS will be analyzing over 28,000 distinct tags representing 17 million tagging events that occurred in a 30 day period.

    FAS is analyzing the network of tags to better understand words closely associated with terms such as “the commons” and “sharing” as well as related terms like “sustainability.” The goal is to better understand the network of word associations so that the online magazine and network can better connect with its audience by using relevant frames and terms to talk about sharing and the commons.

    For instance, early analysis found that the word “design” was a central term that connected the clusters of terms related to sharing, technology, and sustainability. As a result of this finding, the term “design” and values from the design world may become a part of the brand of the yet to be named online magazine and network.

    In addition to helping the foundation brand their magazine, the analysis will help identify topic areas, story ideas, key words to use in stories, content partners, and strategies to become an influential site.

    FAS is supporting the award winning activist communication firm, Free Range Studios, with the research to help them name and brand the new social venture for the Schecter Foundation. Free Range is the producer the viral video hits “The Meatrix,” a parody of The Matrix warning about the dangers of factory farming, and “The Story of Stuff,” which was the original inspiration for the online magazine and network.

    We’ll share the results when we finish the project in early 2009. In the mean time, here’s a tag cloud that represents the list of terms we started researching (the positive list) and related terms.

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