• Soccer World Cup 2014 13/6/2014

    WorldCup 2014: Pass Networks, Duel Networks, Tactical Performance Diagnostics

    To fully describe soccer matches it is necessary not solely to map the positive relations, the passes between the players, in fact only the negative relations between the teams – the duels – complete the picture of a soccer encounter. Header duels, winning and losing the ball events, disruptions of the game by actions near the player who is kicking the ball, etc. show, in connection with the course of the ball within the team, the overall course of the game and provide information on tactics, planned and enforced interactions between the teams. During World Cup 2014, the team of analysts around Harald Katzmair and Helmut Neundlinger exclusively maps the pass networks and networks of duels for the newspaper Der Standard. The new duel network visualizations are designed like the well-known pass networks. Statistical reports on e.g. most frequent pass/duel partners, active and passive duels, etc. complete the analyses of each match. FASresearch soccer match analyses are accessible via the print edition of Der Standard and as well available as interactive graphics via the online edition of Der Standard. The interactive graphic shows: the pass network of each team, pointing to one player shows his most frequent pass partners (thickness of line indicates the number of passes). The tab “Zweikämpfe” (duels) shows who was in duels with whom (line connects the duel partners) and how often (thickness of line) duels took place between the players. Pointing to a player reveals his most frequent duel partners. The tab “Spielerstatistik” shows, what FASresearch analysts call the “Tactical Performance Diagnostics”, thats the functional role of each player regarding passes (x-axis) and duels (y-axis) in comparison with his teammates. Clicking on the players shows some statistics (number of passes, successfull passes, taken and delivered passes, number of duels). An extra chart visualizes the number of passes of each team over the whole period of the game. Feedback is welcome! Please post at Der Standard or mail to, Subject: Tactical Performance Diagnostics. Thank you!

    14.06.2014     Argentina-Switzerland

    Full article (German) online at Der Standard:

    30.06.2014 Brazil-Chile

    Interactive visualization online at Der Standard:

    22.06.2014    Belgium-Russia

    Interactive visualization online at Der Standard:

    16.06.2014 Germany-Portugal

    Interactive visualization online at Der Standard:

    14.06.2014     England-Italy

    Interactive visualization online at Der Standard:

    12.06.2014     Brazil-Croatia


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