New paths in disruptive times. FASresearch is a Vienna-based strategy consultancy with over two decades of cross-industry experience in data & network science-based solutions for shared situational awareness and robust leadership in times of transformation.

Over the past 25 years, FASresearch has helped global companies and leading not-for-profit organizations make effective and robust decisions in the areas of business development, competitive intelligence, innovation management, stakeholder management, executive networking, influencer strategies, eco-system building and social change.

Harald Katzmair, Founder and Executive Director of FASresearch, and his international team of specialists and consultants have developed a set of proprietary tools and technologies that enable decisionmakers to successfully navigate the shifting landscape of our radically transforming world. Building on models from the fields of network sciences, resilience research, eco-system sciences and operations research, FASresearch’s unique approach to systemic consulting helps its partners develop new maps, new tools, new thinking, and new solutions.




Harald Katzmair
CEO, Director & Founder
Scientific Direction & Management
He is a leading expert in the field of applied social network analysis with a focus on power relations, innovation and strategic situation analysis. As a social scientist, management philosopher and entrepreneur, Harald Katzmair uses his visionary understanding of network science and resilience theory to make new paths in strategy and decision-making processes visible for you.
Ruth Pfosser
CFO & Partner
Project Controlling & Human Resources
Ruth Pfosser is a graduate in information technology and management as well as an art historian. With her extensive management experience, she has been on board at FASresearch since the company was founded. As an authorised signatory, Ruth Pfosser is your contact person for personnel and financial matters.
Christian Gulas
CSO & Partner
Data Management, Data & Network Analysis, Visualization
Christian Gulas is a sociologist, has many years of comprehensive experience in the fields of statistics and data analysis and oversees the data collection and evaluation process. He is responsible for the further development of the graphical representation of the analysis results - in your project he makes the network visible for you.
Valerie Streibel
Operations & Head of Communications
Operations & Communications
With her background in economics and her many years of practical business experience in the communications industry, Valerie Streibel is responsible for operational management and corporate communications. Valerie Streibel is your contact person for communication agendas including press inquiries, PR & Marketing and operational issues.
Sarah Weissengruber
Project Management
Politics & Civil Society
As a political scientist and network analyst with many years of profound expertise in the conception, research, elaboration and analysis of issues relating to national and international political and civil society networks, Sarah Weissengruber is the main coordinator and head of this focus area at FASresearch. Here she is your contact for stakeholder mappings, referential network and topic analyses, SituationRs and all other agendas in the fields of politics, lobbying and public affairs.
Tina Tanzer
Project Management
Pharma & Health
As a trained process manager in the health care sector, with many years of profound expertise in the conception, research, elaboration and analysis of complex topics in the national and international health care and pharmaceutical sector, Tina Tanzer leads and coordinates this focus at FASresearch. Here she is your contact for stakeholder mappings, referential network and topic analyses, SituationRs and all other health-related agendas.
Christina Wegleitner
Project Management
Energy & Civil Society
With her experience in empirical social research, Christina Wegleitner is a long-standing and profound expert in the management, conception and analysis of projects on national and international networks. As a creative mind with a flair for good design, she also gives network analytical data an attractive layout. Christina Wegleitner is your contact for referential network and topic analyses, civil society and energy industry issues and design agendas.
Andrea Werdenigg
Project Management & Data Scientist
Climate & Energy, Innovative Ecosystems, Cultural Theory
As a sociologist with many years of profound experience in the analysis of national and international networks, Andrea Werdenigg is mainly responsible for projects in the political, environmental and research fields. Andrea Werdenigg is your contact person for climate and energy policy, innovative ecosystems and social science theories of society as well as the organisation of national and international SituationRs. A. Werdenigg is currently on educational leave.
Agnes Chorherr
Project Management
Politics & Facilitation
With her background in law and economics and her worldwide pedagogical experience, Agnes Chorherr supports various projects within the framework of the Deep Data Platform as well as in the faciltation of Situation Rooms.
Katharina Sacher
Project Management
Urban structures, Politics & Civil Society
As an expert for conducting and analysing qualitative expert interviews, Katharina Sacher coordinates and supports projects in the fields of urban spaces and urban development, education, family friendliness and climate change. Katharina Sacher is your contact for referential network analysis in the fields of urban structures & politics.
Lisa Bertel
Project Management
Politics & Civil Society
Due to her professional experience with non-governmental organisations and her academic background in conflict research and political theory, Lisa Bertel coordinates projects in the field of politics and civil society. She leads the research process and specializes in qualitative-empirical methods. Lisa Bertel is your contact person for topics related to international politics, conflict and cooperation as well as democracy and civil society engagement.
Frank Andreas Sposito, MLIS, PhD
Chief Technology Officer
Insight-Software-Plattformen & Datenmanagementsysteme
With his background in data science, Frank Andreas Sposito, who holds a doctorate in political science, is responsible as CTO for the conceptual design and development of technical solutions at FASresearch, including insight software platforms, large data management systems and robust decision technologies.
Georg Schroll, BSc
Project Management & Software
Product Development
With his academic background in computer science and innovation management and many years of experience in the field of software development, Georg Schroll leads and coordinates the further development of the various software platforms at FASresearch.
Arash Bakhtiari
Data Analysis, Data Research & Software
Data Science & Automation Solutions
At FASresearch Arash Bakhtiari is responsible for data research, automation solutions and network analysis. With a background in sociology and physics, he is interested in various topics related to data science.
Gudrun Hrebicek
Administration & Back Office
Administration & Event Management
Gudrun Hrebicek is responsible for the front office, maintenance of the customer database and internal event management. Gudrun Hrebicek is your contact for appointment requests.
Gregor Kroismayr
Data Agent & Project Assistant
Energy, Politics & Civil Society
With a background in music and comparative literature, Gregor Kroismayr works as a freelancer on various projects, conducting expert interviews, creative topic analysis & recording.