For over 25 years FAS Research has been a leading company in network-based mapping and strategy consulting.

We combine advanced AI driven data science, robust decision making, and proprietary meta-models to develop customized strategies.

With the help of our AI enhanced Situation R® software platform and our extensive expertise in systems science and philosophy, we enable our customers to uncover and implement new and unconventional tactics for complex strategic challenges.



Harald Katzmair
CEO, Director & Founder
Scientific Direction & Management
He is a leading expert in the field of applied social network analysis with a focus on power relations, innovation and strategic situation analysis. As a social scientist, management philosopher and entrepreneur, Harald Katzmair uses his visionary understanding of network science and resilience theory to make new paths in strategy and decision-making processes visible for you.
Christian Gulas
CSO & Partner
Data Management, Data & Network Analysis, Visualization
Christian Gulas is a sociologist, has many years of comprehensive experience in the fields of statistics and data analysis and oversees the data collection and evaluation process. He is responsible for the further development of the graphical representation of the analysis results - in your project he makes the network visible for you. Christian Gulas is partner and authorized signatory.
Valerie De Icco-Streibel
Partner & Managing Director
Finances, Human Ressources & Communications
With her background in economics and many years of practical corporate experience in the communications industry, Valerie Streibel is Co-Managing Director & Authorized Signatory and thus responsible for operational management and corporate communications . Valerie Streibel is your contact person for acquisition inquiries, operative questions & communication agendas.
Paul Poledna
AI Innovation Catalyst
Research & Data
With a background in physics and philosophy, Paul Poledna is interested in various topics related to data science and the stories it can tell about the world we live in. At FASresearch he is responsible for various research and data aggregation tasks overall in the area of artificial intelligence.
Christina Wegleitner-Kainz
Senior Consultant & Project Manager
Energy & Civil Society
With her experience in empirical social research, Christina Wegleitner is a long-standing and profound expert in the management, conception and analysis of projects on national and international networks. As a creative mind with a flair for good design, she also gives network analytical data an attractive layout. Christina Wegleitner is your contact for referential network and topic analyses, civil society and energy industry issues and design agendas.
Katharina Sacher
Project Management
Urban structures, Politics & Civil Society
As an expert for conducting and analysing qualitative expert interviews, Katharina Sacher coordinates and supports projects in the fields of urban spaces and urban development, education, family friendliness and climate change. Katharina Sacher is your contact for referential network analysis in the fields of urban structures & politics.
Gudrun Hrebicek
Administration & Back Office
Administration & Event Management
Gudrun Hrebicek is responsible for the front office, maintenance of the customer database and internal event management. Gudrun Hrebicek is your contact for appointment requests.
Elisabeth Flügel
Office Managerin
Finance, Human Resources & Office Management
Elisabeth Flügel is Office Manager and has many years of professional experience in the commercial and organizational field. Elisabeth Flügel is your contact person for questions regarding finance, human resources and various office management activities.
Michael Bruce Beck
Scholar in Residence
Environmental Sustainability, Cities, Circular Economy, ESG Investing
Originally trained as a chemical engineer, Bruce Beck began his work on what would now be called environmental sustainability in 1970, when he started his PhD (Cambridge). At IIASA (1977-82) his exposure to the work of C S Holling and colleagues on systems ecology was particularly influential, and enduring. Since the mid-1990s Dr Beck’s closest research associate has been Michael Thompson, a systems anthropologist and founder of the ”theory of plural rationality”. Ties to FASresearch have developed and deepened since 2017. Harald Katzmair participated in a workshop designed and hosted by Dr Beck — it was on Resilience and delivered to graduate students in the Centre for Doctoral Training in Sustainable Civil Engineering Systems at Imperial College London (2015-18) — and an international Workshop on How Engineers Think at Oxford (2019).