Unconventional Tactics

Frames, Networks, Alliances

From networks to strategy: Navigating stability and success. If the paths on which we are compelled to travel are paved with shards of glass, sturdy boots are your only option. Our mindsets and our patterns of thinking--the cognitive structures within which we apprehend and address the challenges that shape our ever-transforming world--are exactly this footwear. They give us the strength to complete our journey over rough roads and through dangerous valleys, but also instil the confidence required to leave the beaten path in search of new avenues for success when we see an opportunity emerge on the horizon.


Since its foundation more than 20 years ago, FASresearch has adhered to the principle of “From Networks to Strategy.” Operating at the intersection of social science research, systemic strategic consulting, and cutting-edge technologies, FASresearch has helped its clients discover new frameworks for making sense of their world, new insights into how to find their way within it, and new tools for identifying stable pathways that will guide them safely towards the realization their goals.

FASresearch’s approach to these issues builds on methodologies and conceptual models used in data science, network analysis, neuro- and behavioural science, ecosystem and resilience science, and operations research to create a foundation for understanding complex forces that both drive and transform our world: power relations, market dominance, innovation capacity, risk management, and crisis resilience.


It is precisely this multidisciplinary approach that has enabled FASresearch to provide our clients with fresh perspectives, insights, and tools for over 20 years. Whether it's new network and business partners, the creation of effective networks and ecosystems, the formulation of new communicative frameworks and influencer strategies: when your old, orthodox “boots” are no longer effective, FASresearch will fit you with a fresh kit: new maps, new navigational technologies, and new boots to safely find a path through the thicket of the present.