Digital Tools

Robust Decision Making, Resilienz Monitoring
& Situation Room

Know your world together. Find your path together. Reach your goals together. Organizational agility and the capacity for rapid re-evaluation of the strategic landscape are imperative when systems become increasingly overwhelmed by disruptive events, reducing the predictive power of traditional modes of thinking and standard modals of decision-making.

The capacity for decision-makers and their stakeholders to jointly perceive, interpret, and execute against the patterns and tendencies that define a new situation will inevitably determine the fate of their organizations moving forward. Without a reliable framework for organizational awareness, shared understanding, and collaborative co-creation, leaders will be limited in their ability to leverage or even apprehend the vast array of opportunities and challenges continuously emerging around them.


Over the past ten years FASresearch has developed its unique Situational Awareness & Collaborative Insight Platform, a proprietary set of technologies and consulting methodologies that enables leaders, in conjunction with their teams and stakeholders, to quickly develop a reliable framework that makes sense of their world and supports robust decisions about their best options when taking action.


FASresearch’s Situation Room (SitutationR) is a interactive workshop environment that gives voice to the “wisdom of the crowd” in order to identify the hidden leverage points and systemic acupressure points that can facilitate realization organizational goals in the shortest time possible. Rapid Network Mapping guides participants through the process of surfacing the key forces and fluctuations currently transforming their operational field, and to identify new competitors within it, such as alliance partners. The Resilience Monitoring Module measures and evaluates the fragility, resilience, and crisis resistance thresholds of the complex networks within which organizations exist, enabling a shared awareness of the steps necessary for effective and responsive action.