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12 Success Factors for the Energy Turnaround in Carinthia

Today, we find ourselves in a complex crisis situation characterized by the upheavals in the energy markets, the consequences of the war in Ukraine, the aftermath of the Covid-
19 pandemic, and the tangible effects of climate change.

The issues that currently concern us all - security of supply, reduced dependence on fossil resources, price stability and climate protection - can only be solved in perspective as part of the energy transition. In three rounds, we worked together with representatives of politics, administration, civil society and business to identify the critical success factors and opportunities of the energy transition for Carinthia. Our format "Situation Room" has shown that it is possible to come to resilient results in a very short time. We have summarized the success factors developed with the participants and the options for action that can be derived from them in a report. They are to be understood as an impulse for further work for the energy future of the federal state of Carinthia.