The caesura

Corona - this is an exceptional social situation of historical dimensions. What is happening to us right now? 25 personalities answer three questions about the crisis. Harald Katzmair comments on this in the new DATUM edition.

"1. The contrast between the panic that suddenly began to take hold and the beautiful spring days with the chirping of birds was for me the most remarkable thing of this first week. Here the worried humanity and there a nature that is completely indifferent to our fear. That is comforting on the one hand, but it also shows that nature in all its splendour and beauty also has something very unsentimental and merciless about it.

2. Corona is a systemic vertex, analogous to a mountain ridge that represents a watershed. The water can flow off in one direction or the other. We are now facing months, probably years of high instability. It can go in either direction: Complete nationalisation of the banking sector, extreme unemployment and radical tribalism with regional micro-separations are just as possible as a blossoming of Austria and Europe with a new agenda around the Green New Deal, which is based on criteria of resilience and autonomy and which, as after reconstruction, will develop an enormous economic dynamic. It will depend extremely on how quickly a vaccination or effective medicines will be available.

3. We at FASresearch develop software and tools that enable teams and groups to jointly create systemic situation pictures, especially in crisis situations. Nothing will change in our work, except that more things will happen online and will be devalued because everything that happens online will be perceived as 'cheaper'. In this respect, this will also have economic consequences, apart from the fact that conferences will be cancelled until vaccinations are developed. I do not believe in the demise of my profession, but I do believe that the cards are now being reshuffled in many places."

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