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Forum Digital Humanism Wilhering

From 23 to 25 September, the Forum Digital Humanism took place at Stift Wilhering. Harald Katzmair was also part of the programme as a keynote speaker, and accompanied the expedition together with co-manager Valerie De Icco-Streibel.

The Corona crisis has revealed cracks and fissures in society that have severely weakened trust in the general public and caused great uncertainty. The Forum Humanismus Wilhering wants to contribute to the fact that in the sense of a comprehensive social, ecological and economic sustainability, the necessary small and big changes can be lived consistently, but without leaving anyone behind and losing anyone.

Wilhering Abbey has a long tradition as a venerable place of spirituality. The spiritual significance of the monastery makes it a unique place to change perspectives. This also means that it can serve as a catalyst to set out on new paths of thinking. Normally, a religious background is not used in the context of the digital. But it can provide a fresh perspective that pulls us out of old patterns of thinking, perhaps revealing a new inspiration.  

During the expedition, different rooms of Wilhering Abbey were passed through, where in each case an impulse was given by a member of the expedition. Harald Katzmair started the expedition in the catacombs of the monastery on the topic of "The encounter with reality".

In order to steer these new streams of thought in the right direction, FASresearch supported the expedition participants in the afternoon with its SituationR software. With the help of this innovative tool, FASresearch and the expedition participants addressed the following questions: (1) What are the most pressing questions that we need to find answers to on the way to the "utopia" of digital humanism? (2) Which of these questions do we need to clarify first (Con-Joint Analysis)? (3) How far has society come with this question? (4) What is the question that moves you most personally? and (5) Where could you imagine getting involved in the future?

There are also some short impressions of the expedition:

The Expedition on ORF:

Article of the OÖNachrichten:;art4,3717138

You can also have a look at some impressions of the expedition (Bilder © Antje Holm)