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The encounter with reality on the basis of 5 guiding principles

The umbrella organisation of Viennese social institutions, the communication and networking platform of the Viennese social economy celebrated its 30th birthday. The more than 90 member organisations act as social enterprises. In their actions in the areas of mobile and inpatient care, work with the disabled, assistance for the homeless and refugees, they encounter reality every day. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary, Harald Katzmair held a keynote speech after the opening words by Sandra Frauenberger, Managing Director of the umbrella organisation, Peter Hacker, President of the umbrella organisation, and Anita Bauer, Managing Director of the Vienna Social Fund, and described the encounter with reality on the basis of 5 guiding principles:

  • #1 What protects us are our relationships,
  • #2 Ongoing, shared situational awareness,
  • #3 There is no perfection,
  • #4 Without ritual no network and
  • #5 A shared horizon.

"If we stick to this and live according to these guiding principles, the urgently needed transformation of our society from ego - to ecosystem becomes possible," says Katzmair.