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Health care of the future - The Berlin Declaration

Ten proposals for better health care: scientists, doctors, patient representatives and other stakeholders in the health care system have now published a "Berlin Declaration" in which they present concrete measures for the "health care of the future". FASresearch played a major role in shaping and supporting the process of creating the Berlin Declaration.

The "Berlin Declaration" in wording: The ten guiding principles of the „Berliner Erklärung“ at a glance: The health care of the future...

  • ... thinks beyond social codes and is established in every policy area.
  • ... is agile.
  • ... is a lifelong educational task.
  • ... overcomes social inequalities.
  • ... thinks beyond individual settings.
  • ... avoids underuse
  • .... avoids overuse.
  • ... combines medical and non-medical competence.
  • ... uses all available data sources.
  • ... relies on incentives.

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