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How can we cross the passage?

We would like to take you on a journey.
Imagine you have to cross the Atlantic by sailing ship without motor engine. This is a journey of thousands and thousands of nautical miles. Unpredictable weather conditions will accompany you on your way. You know this passage will be long and extremely difficult. You will be on the way for hundreds of days and will not see land for hundreds of days.

For such a journey you need three things. A new map to assess your terrain as well as possible and to plan the way as best as possible. A crew that can work together and also tackle difficult situations. And you need stamina. Because this journey will only succeed with courage, patience and confidence.

We are all in such a passage right now, on such a journey. The future cannot be planned, we have learned that, and yet we must be able to shape it. For our lives and the lives of those who come after us. We have to bring the change that Austria, Europe and the world need today. For this we need allies.

Our study "Trend-setting Idea and Impulse Providers for Europe" shows these new maps and the crew list to make this journey a collaborative success.

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