Kurz, the master of illusion

Harald Katzmair sits in a small window niche of Café La Mercerie in Vienna's Servitenviertel. It is the Tuesday of that week during which the political world in Austria has been turned upside down and it is a phase in which Katzmair's professional field is being expanded by a gigantic case study, quasi in real time. First and foremost, H. Katzmair recognises a philosophical lesson in the upheavals following the release of the Ibiza video: "It is simply an illusion that we have things under control. To bring some order to the non-linearity of our world, we invent patterns, systematics, stories - magical thinking, Sigmund Freud would say. Because the unpredictable happens again and again, and all of a sudden the whole thought construct that is supposedly kept under control collapses. Suddenly everything is completely different. In such situations, the ability to be resilient is crucial, and two factors are decisive: Agility and stability, but above all the ability to switch between these two states.