Networks and climate protection

Ö1 interview with Harald Katzmair on the topic of "Networks and climate protection". Due to the extreme weather events of 2018 and this winter, more and more people are experiencing the effects of climate change first hand and are supporting the implementation of climate protection measures. At the same time, the voices of those who are sceptical about the influence of humans on the climate and doubt the necessity or feasibility of climate protection measures are becoming louder. There are many promising initiatives at regional level, but overall the implementation of the necessary measures is faltering. Increasing polarisation and fragmentation characterise the climate discourse as well as many other political debates.

Harald Katzmair, founder and head of FASresearch, talks about the reasons for this development in an article for the Ö1 journals and for designed by the ORF science journalist Elke Ziegler.

The article presents the first results of the study "RIPA - Roadmap to the Implementation of the Paris Agreement", which is supported by the Climate and Energy Fund and on which FASresearch is currently working together with its research partners Michael Thompson and Brian Fath from IIASA (International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis).

RIPA-Roadmap to the Implementation of the Paris Agreement: (only available in German)

Climate and energy funds: (only available in German) (only available in German)