What did Pfizer Germany and FASresearch talk about?

The race for the Covid-19 vaccine has fuelled the debate on Europe's innovative capacity in pharmaceutical research and the resilience of European health systems. Strengths and weaknesses of our health care system, as well as political decision-making processes, have been ruthlessly exposed.

As part of the 24th Salon of Pionieers, Peter Albiez, Chairman of the Board of Pfizer Germany and Harald Katzmair, Founder & Director FASresearch discussed the following questions:

  • What “lessons learned” do we take from this?
  • What new paths will we have to take as a society in the future?
  • What new mindset do we need to bring with us?
  • What does this mean for leadership and for the personal resilience of decision-makers?
  • What new, unconventional partnerships and cooperations do we have to enter into with regard to the existing challenges?

You missed the Salon and would like to see the whole interview, just click here and watch on our Youtube Channel: 24th Salon of Pioneers