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Potentials and demand for skilled workers in Austria

Austrian companies continue to be strongly affected by the shortage of skilled labor. In the context of the shortage of skilled workers, it is important to take into account both new labor immigration and to make the best possible use of the existing potential of workers residing in Austria without Austrian citizenship or equivalent EU citizenship, thus counteracting the shortage of skilled workers in Austrian companies. However, the participation of these skilled workers in the Austrian labor market presents a number of hurdles, which originate primarily in structural and individual barriers. In this context, the following questions arise, which were addressed by FASresearch as part of the project "Skilled Worker Shortage in Austria - Situation Room for Situation Analysis" on behalf of the Austrian Integration Fund:

  • How can the existing labor force potential of skilled workers for the ever-increasing number of shortage occupations be utilized through improved framework conditions? 
  • How can skilled workers be motivated for these shortage occupations?
  • What systemic levers need to be used here?

To create such a picture of the situation, representatives from interest groups, business and civil society came together to discuss and consolidate their perspectives on the current situation. We complemented this common picture of the situation with five in-depth discussions with experts who contributed their knowledge and experience from many years of work.

We have summarized the results for you in a thesis paper(only available in German).