What do we really need?

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of multitalented composer Leonard Bernstein in 2018, these inspiring and comforting words from his famous musical “West Side Story” encouraged (Someday Somewhere We‘ll find a new way of living We‘ll find a way of forgiving Somewhere) Porticus Community Arts Lab to work together with FASresearch on the necessity to build so-called “Somewhere Places” for renewal to overcome the fragmentation in our world.

The less our needs are addressed, the higher the likelihood that we start to imitate, envy, and resent others. Disconnected from our own potential, we become distrustful and ultimately resentful. It is therefore necessary to provide places (“Somewhere Places”) for renewal, where individuals become related to each other again.

In their roadmap towards “Somewhere Place” FASresearch and Porticus Community Arts Lab proposed – not unlike Bernstein’s universal language of music – the simple idea to focus our efforts on the universal language of human needs, as an answer to the divisiveness of our times. This language is linked to the existential desire of everyone in this world to find their “Some­where Place”, a place where needs are seen, recognized, and met.

With an exceptional research design a deeper understanding of the building blocks of “Somewhere Places” was reached, through engagement with the classic texts on the theory of human needs and by using network and resilience science to bring a new systemic approach to the discussion.

In three “Somewhere Labs” with diverse groups of people and by the use of a newly designed co-creative process, the proprietary FASresearch software SituationR, a highly interconnected network of human needs and well-being was created and also the role and impact of community arts on a path towards a “Somewhere Place” was mapped.

You can download the entire FASresearch Brochure here: