The Psychodrama of the Adaptive Cycle

Harald Katzmair wrote a scientific article "The Psychodrama of the Adaptive Cycle, Moreno's "Locometry" from the Point of View of Contemporary Complexity Research" for the Journal of Psychodrama and Sociometry.

Here is the summary:
Moreno's locometry, the description of people and things in constant translocation and transformation, finds interesting correspondences in current complexity research, especially in the empirical model of the adaptive cycle. Both have a dynamic and cyclical character, the relationship of beginning-growth-solidification-destruction-exploration-beginning and the central question of how the transitions between different phases or scenes can succeed. The typology of the "4 dangers" in the passage of the cycle with the corresponding dynamics and locomotic pathologies proves to be a useful tool here.

Taken together, the complementary approaches (Moreno's locometry and the adaptive cycle model of complexity theory) not only offer ways of understanding, describing and analysing current socio-political phenomena, but also ideas for designing the switchover points in order to find alternatives and ways out of psychological and social impasses.