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Top managers 2022 - a new power structure

Who are the top managers in 2022?

An age of limitation (© Macron), but also of new ambitions. Companies should now do everything they can to "gain sovereignty where they are vulnerable", as network analyst and FASresearch Director and Founder Harald Katzmair puts it.

Caesura. A premise that also represents a caesura for the annual ranking of the 1000 best-networked managers compiled by FASresearch exclusively for INDUSTRIEMAGAZIN. Turnover, direct and indirect links to companies, the state and civil society companies as well as the state and civil society and cross-sector networks - the keyword being variability - have endured in the tried and tested ranking methodology. But since the upheavals on the world markets, they are only half the story. Systemic relevance, which was included in the ranking for the first time (all details on the ranking methodology can be found on page 28 - in the article "Ranking"), now carries particular weight. The three areas (aggregated in mandates) in which Europe is gradually losing sovereignty and which form the basis of all value creation are also included: Material Procurement (Sourcing), Energy (Decarbonisation) and Information Technologies (Artificial Intelligence & IT).

"We see in all three pillars: We are challenged," says network researcher Katzmair. The good news is that those leaders whose companies have already been operating in the crossfire of these realities and bear high systemic risks at the very front (or very back) of the value chain are all the more adaptable.

So who is powerful and important? This year, we at FASresearch once again took a close look at the network of the 4,000 largest companies in this country for INDUSTRIEMAGAZIN.