Harald Katzmair News Talks

The world - ecosystems in transition

Harald Katzmair was part of the extensive programme of the 2nd Austrian Sustainability Summit in June 2022.

In an "out of the box" talk typical for Harald Katzmair, he spoke about ecosystems in transition. 

Due to the political, ecological and economic tentions we are becoming aware of the global power structions and their affact on us. The most powerful players are those who controle the flow of energy and those who opperate with the power of information and disinformation. 

How do these power structions function, what are their consequences and how do we deal with them? The following three keywords  can serve as an answer: #Environment, #Governance and #Social

In the #Environment problem, the 70 rule can help. If you devide the number 70 by the growth rate, the result is the number of years it takes for the variable to double. This way it is possible to proof that even with continuous small changes over a longer period of time, big things can be achieved. 

By acting together, #Social can help us to motivate many people to work together to counteract the problems of our time. Through imitaiton, it will happen more or less on its own. 

Thanks to #Governance we become aware of how far, for example, the resource oil has brought us so far. Thanks to this resource, humankind has been able to take great steps and has come a long way. Oil is always present in our everyday lives and it is hard to imagine modern industrial society without this raw material. But looking at the even more emminent climate catastrophe, we need to rethink. However, this does not mean to denounce the essential resources, but to consider in which context these resources should be used and where alternatives should be used or created.