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Why we are threatened by the "Great Resignation"

The economy is facing a crisis and there is still no end in sight. What impact will the crisis have and how can we counter it? These questions were posed under the moderation of Stephan Strzyzowski (Editor-in-Chief of Die Wirtschaft) in cooperation with Simon Kucher & Partners to the experts Industriellenvereinigung Secretary General Christoph Neumayer, Alfred Bernhard, CEO of Würth-Hochenburger, the network researcher, hidden champions expert Othmar Schwarz on the economic situation of hidden champions and SMEs and founder and director of FASresearch Dr. Harald Katzmair.

"We are experiencing something that can be described as Great Resignation," says the renowned network researcher Katzmair in the interview. This would particularly affect medium-sized companies. These are particularly exposed in the crisis because they often have low margins and also have little power. Therefore, the many price increases and the scarcity of resources hit them particularly hard. In contrast, hidden champions can rely on their great agility and flexibility to cushion the effects of the crisis. Very large companies can rely on their bargaining power and also pass on price increases more easily. Katzmair therefore fears that many small and medium-sized companies will have to close their doors.

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