What does FASresearch have to do with "community arts"?

The Community Arts Network is online: From 2018 to 2019, we conducted research on increasing social impact through the arts with 2075 organizations in 92 countries. The result? "Community Arts is a global community of ideas, but not yet a global community network." As a result, Porticus Foundation-CAL and the Hilti Foundation joined forces to create the Community Arts Network. CAN was launched by visionaries who believe in harnessing the transformative power of the arts for social impact. CAN is a platform that empowers individuals, organizations, and communities through the arts and unlikely alliances to engage and empower them to work together to create meaningful change and shape a humane future.

But what exactly did we do in this study?

Over the course of a year, via the method of referential network analysis and a comprehensive themes and data analysis, we:

  • Obtained a comprehensive and nuanced overview of the community arts landscape, particularly music and performing arts, the stakeholders and key players involved, and their roles (innovator/visionary, expert, bridge builder, sponsor/decision maker).
  • Identified and activated key actors with regard to a future networking platform that connects music and performing arts initiatives and actors with social impact.
  • Highlighted innovative projects and empowered people to inspire each other and align their work with best practice models and supporting actors.
  • Sought to better understand their success stories and relevant issues, developments, and their proposals for change and improvement in the community arts field.
  • Learned about best practice projects and initiatives and what makes them so inspiring and successful.
  • Received relevant input and different perspectives on how to measure impact and success at the individual, community, and societal levels.

Interested in what the Community Arts Network looks like? Then why not visit the website: