What is a "successful life?"

Is there a secret recipe for "the successful life"? And if so, has Covid-19 changed anything about this secret recipe? What conditions make it easier for us to get through crises well? What do we have to pay attention to and what do we need in order to cope with life successfully?

Harald Katzmair spoke about this at an event organised by Vienna Health Promotion. According to Katzmair, life is a process and often fragile. It is a permanent cycle with phases of constant reinvention. If we understand this, we have taken the first step towards unravelling the mystery ...

The entire event to watch and listen  (lasting around 93 minutes)

  • Intro by Dr. Georg Psota - starting at minute 1:58

  • Keynote Dr. Harald Katzmair - starting at minute 18:33

  • Questions and discussions - starting at minute 58:43