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What is the Future of Democracy in the Digital Age?

Fake news, bot swarms, voter manipulation, data extraction - the manifold ways in which technology facilitates phenomena that are detrimental to our democratic practices were at the focus of a study carried out in 2020. On Thursday, January 28th of 2021, FASresearch held a webinar on the results of this research. The referential network study was a first step into developing an understanding of who works at the intersection of technology and democracy. Without a claim to an exhaustive account, we found seven core identities that work to counter the harmful effects of technology on democracy and harness its potential to advance democratic practices. From digital rights, democracy activism, journalism and peacebuilding to civic tech and art – the communities of those who work to advance democracy are diverse. And they are made of what we propose to call digital humanism.

Please find here the Link to the recorded webinar: