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How to find BOLD Minds?

We are living in uncertain times and are facing numerous challenges that are so big that we cannot solve them alone or by conventional means. Innovation is key, as well as BOLD minds that are not afraid to think outside the box, look beyond the horizon with new ideas and uncommon approaches and are open to unconventional collaboration.

But where are those BOLD people out there, who are already years ahead in their minds and blaze a trail into the future by searching for solutions to the great challenges of our time? And where to start looking for them?

To encourage innovation processes by bringing BOLD minds together, the WKO created a space and network for cross-sectional and cross-national unconventional cooperation where people from different backgrounds, sectors and countries can come together to inspire each other on how to actively shape our future for the better– the BOLD COMMUNITY.

There was a vague feeling of what characterizes a BOLD mind. So, with our 25 years of experience in community building and network analysis we started with our innovative snowball sampling inside-out approach on behalf of the WKO and asked those people we know are BOLD for their recommendations of other innovative trailblazers out there. Because they are the experts, right? We asked them who else they think is a BOLD innovator to talk to and what they need for innovation to thrive.

Using our scientific network analysis approach, we conducted 75 interviews to identify more than 350 BOLD and open-minded trailblazers, pioneers and thought leaders in emerging and promising areas from different continents and backgrounds.

Thanks to all the BOLD voices out there working on the forefront of innovation for taking us on a journey to the future. It was a pleasure to talk to you! And congratulations to the WKO for successfully building on this and launching the BOLD COMMUNITY during #WebSummit 2022!

Are you BOLD too, want to know more, or become part of the community?

Feel free to get in touch with BOLD COMMUNITY.

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