Harald Katzmair Presse News

How long will the crisis last?

This year's KSÖ Security Summit at Schwarzenbergplatz in Vienna was dedicated to this question and we at FASresearch, who have been dedicated to the topic of resilience in our research and consulting for a very long time, accepted the invitation.
In a high-calibre panel with representatives from business, science, administration and politics who explored the question "Will the crises stop or what will be the next crises?", Dr. Harald Katzmair explained what resilience means for us as a society, especially in times of crisis. To be resilient, we have to be both stable and flexible at the same time, similar to a tree.

To achieve this, he said, it is more important than ever to work on a common awareness of the situation, to look at scenarios from different angles, to understand networks and interconnections, and to recognise and explore one's own room for manoeuvre. All this, in combination with a culture of manoeuvre criticism, allows us to remain capable of action in the future, even if we are currently only driving on sight.

The participants agreed that the crises will not be over so quickly. Whether it's a pandemic, an energy market that has come apart at the seams, the looming economic crisis, hybrid threats or climate change, in order to be able to meet all these challenges and be resilient, we need trust that we can overcome crises together, relationships that are resilient even in times of crisis, and common situational pictures - such as those we develop side by side in our Rituation Rooms.