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Transformation of the Semmering region into an attractive year-round destination Hardly any other region in Austria is currently so caught between…
What systemic challenges do climate change, digitalization and geopolitical challenges pose for the healthcare system, industry and society? What…
Harald Katzmair
CEO, Director & Founder
Scientific Direction & Management
Christian Gulas
CSO & Partner
Data management, Data & Network Analysis, Visualization
Valerie De Icco-Streibel
Co-Managing Director & Authorized Signatory
Operations & Communications
Sarah Weissengruber
Senior Network Analyst
Politics & Civil Society
Tina Tanzer
Senior Network Analyst
Pharma & Health
Agnes Chorherr
Senior Project Manager
Politics & Facilitation
Christina Wegleitner-Kainz
Senior Project Manager
Energy & Civil Society
Andrea Werdenigg
Project Management & Data Scientist
Climate & Energy, Innovative Ecosystems, Cultural Theory
Katharina Sacher
Project Management
Urban Structures, Politics & Civil Society
Lisa Bertel
Project Management
Politics & Civil Society
Arash Bakhtiari
Data Analysis, Data Research & Software
Data Science & Automation Solutions
Gregor Kroismayr
Data Agent & Project Assistant
Energy, Politics & Civil Society
Paul Poledna
Data Scientist
Research & Data
Gudrun Hrebicek
Administration & Back Office
Administration & Event Management
Elisabeth Fl├╝gel
Office Managerin
Finance, Human Resources & Office Management
Ruth Pfosser
Research & Prototyping
Bruce Beck
Scholar in Residence
Environmental Sustainability, Cities, Circular Economy, ESG Investing