Crossing Complex Landscapes

FAS Research is leader in network-based stakeholder mapping and strategy design.


Bridging AI with human insight

Situation R®

Coordination tech for team and stakeholder cohesion


Situation R® is an AI powered platform for shared situational awareness and group decision making.

Harald Katzmair
CEO, Director & Founder
Scientific Direction & Management
Christian Gulas
CSO & Partner
Data Management, Data & Network Analysis, Visualization
Valerie De Icco-Streibel
Partner & Managing Director
Operations & Communications
Tina Tanzer
Senior Network Analyst
Lead Pharma & Health
Christina Wegleitner-Kainz
Senior Consultant & Project Manager
Energy & Civil Society
Katharina Sacher
Project Management
Urban Structures, Politics & Civil Society
Paul Poledna
AI Innovation Catalyst
Research & Data
Agnes Chorherr
Senior Consultant & Project Manager
Politics & Facilitation
Arash Bakhtiari
Data Analysis, Data Research & Software
Data Science & Automation Solutions
Gudrun Hrebicek
Administration & Back Office
Administration & Event Management
Elisabeth Flügel
Office Managerin
Finance, Human Resources & Office Management
Bruce Beck
Scholar in Residence
Environmental Sustainability, Cities, Circular Economy, ESG Investing