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Those relying on misleading maps, no matter their effort, will lose their way more quickly. Leadership’s essence is in having the right maps.


Harald Katzmair, Founder and Director of FAS Research

Mapping Reality

FAS Strategy Map

Network Mapping

Using AI and network analysis, we identify key stakeholders and topics from vast information sources.

Systems Mapping

Our Situation R® platform enables advanced systems analysis, revealing leverage & tipping points.

Meta Mapping

Leveraging our strong foundation in science and philosophy, we create meta-models for unconventional tactics.


Our AI-driven network mappings reveal power dynamics, advising clients on strengths & opportunities in strategic contexts.

FAS Mapping

Grounded in Reality

Our analyses blend scientific rigor with deep policy advisory and business consulting experience.

Deep Data

Our network maps are evaluated by stakeholders’ critical experience, guaranteeing unique data quality.

AI Infused

Our FAS Research GPT positions our network mappings at the forefront of the AI revolution.

Situation R® offers leaders an AI-driven platform designed for collaborative strategy development & decision-making.

FAS Situation R


SituationR®  delivers strategic results in half-day sprints, which would take months in other settings.


SituationR®  is designed not to get lost in details but to always keep an eye on the big picture.


Situation R® enables a participatory process, overcoming rigid hierarchies in a safe setting.

Harald Katzmair, leading FAS Research, unites science, philosophy, and global consulting for fresh insights into how things are connected, our history, and strategies for the future.

Age of Poly-Crisis

Katzmair’s lectures cover topics like power, influence, resilience, health, geopolitics, energy, AI, democracy, and leading through complex, disruptive times.

Big Picture View

Katzmair employs vivid imagery to explain holistic understanding of complex topics. He emphasizes addressing root causes over merely fighting symptoms.

Networks & Resilience

For over 25 years, Katzmair’s lectures have highlighted how networks foster resilience and provide strength and agility in disruptive times.

The FAS Research Story


Founded in 1995 as a University of Vienna spin-off, FAS Research is a key player in applied systems analysis and network consulting.

Global Outlook

Since 2005, our Silicon Valley venture has broadened our global perspective and enhanced our resilience.

Cross-Industry Expertise

Our expertise spans sectors like pharmaceuticals, energy, environment, politics, and social change.

Ongoing Innovation

Our most recent development SituationR® reflects our commitment to evolving technology, focusing on situational analysis and coordination tools for decision-makers.

Next chapter: Artificial Intelligence

Today, the rapid evolution of AI inspires us to develop new categories of products & services, supporting clients in a landscape of increasing uncertainties and systemic risks.

FAS History


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