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The traditional wisdom of ‘Go alone for speed, go together for distance’ has evolved. In today’s world, it’s vital to move both fast and far, always as a team.


Harald Katzmair, Founder and Director of FAS Research

Distinctive Advantage


SituationR® delivers strategic results in 3-hour sprints. Tasks that would take weeks in other settings.


SituationR® is designed to avoid getting lost in meticulous details, instead maintaining a view of the big picture.


SituationR®  facilitates a participatory process and overcomes rigid hierarchies, all within an engaging setting.

The SituationR® Process

3 step process

1  Map

Identify strategic opportunities. Find leverage points, ensuring you invest where you yield disproportionate results.

2  Match

Match capacities with opportunities, uncovering areas of true potential for action and resource consolidation.

3  Mobilize

Identify actionable steps for team and stakeholders. Define areas of cooperation and craft plan of action.



What prior knowledge is required?

The Situation Room is accessible to all – no prior knowledge or special preparation needed. It's designed for teams and stakeholders from any industry or background eager to tackle complex challenges.

What is the user experience?

SituationR® follows a specific flow and rhythm , smoothly alternating between listening and deliberation, and rational analysis. It balances the act of connecting and being seen and heard with the clarity of tables, system maps, and strategy grids. You'll experience a dynamic synergy of teamwork and advanced AI: insightful, goal-directed, and remarkably efficient. Discover how quickly intense dialogue can reveal clear strategies and surprising pathways to solutions.

What are the outcomes?

Upon exiting the room, you will possess a lucid grasp of the situation, the requisite tactics and a strategy that has been refined and synchronized amongst your group and stakeholders. You will have in hand not only an action plan outlining practical and actionable steps but also the crucial mandate to implement these steps.

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Valerie De Icco-Streibel

Valerie De Icco-Streibel, MA, BSc.