Situation R®





Situation R® is an AI enhanced all purpose tool for collaborative decision making and adaptive strategizing.




Activities & Procedure

Pre-engagement Assessment & Alignment

(50 min)

  • Objective: Dive deep into your challenges while learning about Situation R®

  • Initial Consultation: Discuss your organizational challenges and desired outcomes. 

  • Situation R® Introduction: Brief introduction of how the platform will guide the consulting journey and what results to be expected. 

  • Onboarding: Discuss wording and story to invite and onboard participants.

Debrief & Strategy Formulation

(90 min)

  • Objective: Consolidate insights and define the strategic path forward. 

  • Insight Presentation: A concise report on findings. 

  • Strategy Discussion: Crafting actionable strategies based on insights. 

  • Q&A Session: Clarify doubts, ensuring a clear roadmap ahead. 

Pre-Workshop Briefing & Preparation

(90 min)

  • Objective: Set objectives and strategize for the main workshop. 

  • Goal Definition: Determine your key success indicators. 

  • Platform Familiarization: Equip participants with a Situation R® overview. 

  • Participant Strategy: Guidance on selecting the right workshop attendees. 

Implementation Guidance & Review

(3 hours spread over weeks)

  • Objective: Ensure strategies translate into results. 

  • Implementation Roadmap: Guidance on rolling out the defined strategies. 

  • Check-ins: Periodic reviews to ensure alignment and success. 

  • Performance Evaluation: Assess the tangible impact of the strategies, refining as needed. 

Situation Room Workshop 

(4 hours)

  • Objective: In-depth systemic exploration of challenges, leverage points and potential strategies.

  • Facilitation: Expert-guided session for maximum systemic and operational insights. 

  • Live Analytics: Witness real-time insights and strategies, informed by collective intelligence. 

Simple. No preparation. Just your presence.



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