Situation R®





Situation R® is an AI enhanced all purpose tool for collaborative decision making and adaptive strategizing.




Activities & Procedure


(1 hour)

  • Consultation: Aligning objectives in a planning meeting.

  • SituationR Overview: Introduction to the SituationR platform.

  • Expectations: Outlining workshop benefits and learning outcomes.

  • Question Development: Collaborative creation of workshop key questions.

  • Participants Selection: Assistance in participant selection for maximum impact.

Situation Room

(3-6 hours)

  • Preparation: FAS Research manages all technical aspects and tool adaptations.

  • Goals: Clarity on workshop goals and objectives.

  • Facilitation: Guided experience by FAS Research's senior consultants.

  • Live Results: Real-time generation of evaluation results.

  • Results Interpretation: Immediate interpretation of results by senior consultants.


(1 hour)

  • Summary: Situation Room results presented in a PPT report.

  • Discussion: Review of key insights and outcomes.

  • Q&A: Addressing all participant queries and concerns.

No preparation is required for attendants.



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